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Post by Scratch on Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:31 am

Human-Seed Project
Early on in Humanities history, after colonizing the planets of the solar system, Humanity set out to begin colonizing other planets in the galaxy. Unfortunately, Humanity had not yet discovered a way to travel faster than the speed of light. While creating a giant ark and sending pioneers out into the void was one of the proposed ideas, it was not without its critics and dangers. One of the first forays out into the galaxy was hundreds of thousands of unmanned slower-than-light (STL) ships filled with DNA of both thousands of humans and a great many animals. These ships were launched in hopes of finding life supporting planets which the unmanned seed ships would land on. At that point, the AI's in the seed-ship would begin altering and gestating both humans and animals soon producing enough stock to colonize the newly found planet.

As it turned out, while many of these ships met with disaster, the Human-Seed Project was one of the more successful pre-FTL colonization projects. While the success rate might seem disastrous hundreds of planets were colonized as result of the Human-Seed Project.

However, because of the modifications made by the AI Seed Ships to adapt humanity to their newly encountered planets, it would eventually come to argue whether or not these beings were truly human or had they been changed enough to be considered alien. This argument would eventually come to a head after the discovery of FTL and attempts at reuniting the human race under one banner. These wars would eventually lead humanity into their darkest hours with genocides not becoming an uncommon tale.




Extinct. Dead. Gone.

Much of what remains of humanity no longer resembles anything like it. Though many races draw their ancestry to the Seedling-Project and pure strains of humanity, almost no races resembles pure humanity.
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